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Guesthoo & Our Services

Guesthoo specialise in managing properties in Cornwall & Devon through online platforms such as Airbnb and Sawdays. We do everything an estate agent does and more, but for a lot less than most conventional estate agents charge!

If you do not use Airbnb, we will create a new listing for your property and produce compelling, relevant copy. Additionally, we can also arrange a professional photography session. If you already have a listing, we will optimise your listing to improve where it ranks in Airbnb search results. We then work with you to create a property guide for your guests. Our team handles all guest enquiries, communication and support. We also coordinate key exchanges, cleaning services and amenity restocks, as well as post-booking services such as review writing.

We use lock boxes at all our properties as it is both secure and provides flexibility for guests. Before each trip, the code and location of the lock box is emailed to guests in the property manual.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to maximise the number of visitors to a particular website, page or App by improving where it ranks in search results. We research and implement lots of different ways to improve where our listings rank in the Airbnb search results, meaning more bookings for our clients.

Availability and Use

No, using our service does not violate the terms of service.

Our Airbnb management service covers all areas of Cornwall and Devon.

On the rare occasion that a property has been mistreated, Airbnb have always paid out promptly for the damages with no excess to pay! That said, we do still recommend having your own insurance policy as a backup.

Payment and Pricing

If you choose our full management package, cleaning costs or other third party services are not included in the 15% fee. We can manage payment for cleaning services, or you can manage this yourself. Most hosts charge a cleaning fee and pass this on to the guest, so this is suggested.

Cleaning, guest supplies and other services

We do not yet offer in house cleaning services, but work with a network of professional cleaners who cover most of Cornwall and Devon. On the odd occasion that your area is not covered, we will source a cleaner for you. However, if you already have a cleaning company, we are happy to coordinate with them. 

We do not currently provide guest amenities. However, we will share knowledge of several UK based companies offering toiletries, towels etc at wholesale prices. We then coordinate restocks for you!

Airbnb provide a professional photography service which we can arrange if required. This costs roughly £90 – £110, depending on property size, and is not paid for until your property makes a booking following the session. The fee is then automatically deducted from your payout. 

Account Management

If you already have an Airbnb listing, the co-hosts allows you to add our account whilst still retaining full access and control of your account. Although, we request that you do not interact with guests to prevent confusion.

This is up to you, if you would still like to receive emails from Airbnb this can be arranged.

We will not change or have access to any sensitive information such as credit card details.