We’re here to answer any questions you have about our management services. If you can’t find an answer below, just get in touch.

At the end of each month, you will receive an account statement with a breakdown of the income and costs for that period, plus associated invoices. For a booking to fall into any given statement, the payout must have been received in that same month. The net income will then be paid to your bank account. We aim to do this as close to the 1st of the subsequent month as possible but there may be delays if this does not fall on a working day or housekeeping invoices are late.

Our fee of 15%+VAT is deducted from the net payout received from the booking channel i.e. after Airbnb, HomeAway etc. service fees are deducted. We do not charge any setup fees, contract renewals or retainer fees. We also do not add margins to any housekeeping or maintenance invoices, they are always charged at cost price.

Yes! There is total flexibility about using your property provided there are no bookings. All you need to do is log in to the Owners Portal and block your dates. It’s best to do this in good time to ensure the property is free and housekeepers are available to do changeovers. We also ask that you respect normal check in/check out times unless otherwise agreed. Alternatively, you can block out an extra day.

No, payments to housekeepers and other contractors are made by us as an agent acting on your behalf. For accounting purposes, these payments are treated as a disbursement. This means invoices are still addressed to you and you are charged the exact amount from the housekeeper or contractor.

We use industry-leading dynamic pricing software to set rates for your property. This updates daily based on changes in local supply and demand, day of the week, seasonality, school holidays, local events and how far away the dates are. That said, we have very granular control over how the pricing works and will customize it to fit your property. We set the base price – the middle value that prices fluctuate around – and the minimum price.

But this is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy! Occupancy and booking pace are periodically reviewed and changes to the base price are made as necessary. For example, if your occupancy was outstripping the market, we might increase your base price by 5%. And vice versa. However, if only your 30 day pacing was affected, we may adjust the last minute discount structure instead.

This full revenue management strategy ensures the earnings from your property are always maximised.

Yes, we assume a changeover will be required after any owner block unless otherwise notified.

Minimum night stays are optimised to improve the profitability of your property. We prioritise longer stays that require fewer changeovers by setting high minimum night stays when dates are far off. As dates approach, we slowly taper down the minimum night stay to encourage bookings. Shorter stays are more common so lowering the minimum makes it more likely the calendar will be filled. There is an absolute minimum of 2 or 3 nights depending on the property and market.

Long term discounts are market specific and we will select the most suitable discounts for your property.

Yes, a cleaning fee is added to the total a guest pays. However, there is a maximum that guests can be charged before being put off and therefore the recommended fee won’t cover the actual cost of changeovers. The cleaning fee is essentially a way to generate a bit of extra revenue per booking.

The professional photoshoot is arranged by us with no charge but there is a fee for the shoot itself. This is paid directly to the professional photographer and is not something we make any money from. As you know, we do not charge any sign up fees and when an agent does it normally ‘includes’ professional photography. However, you do not own the rights to those photos. With our model you do own the rights so actually receive something in return.

The minimum term is 6 months. After which, the notice period is on a rolling day by day basis so you can terminate the contract anytime. However, any existing bookings would have to be honoured but you are free to do what you wish with the property outside of them.

Airbnb has many features that allow us to vet guests. Guests have a full profile with a profile picture, about me, reviews from past stays, the number of trips booked and whether they have verified with ID.

If they have no reviews our team will also chat to the guest and ask them what the purpose of their stay is. They also look at the group make up e.g. 2 kids, 2 adults is solid evidence of a family.

We manage around 160 properties and growing. We are therefore not a huge company where you can get lost in the system, and can still offer a personal service. But we are not a fledgling company that can carry a risk of inexperience – the perfect middle ground!