Guesthoo x Go Zero Charge Charge Partnership 

In today’s travel landscape, sustainability credentials and EV charging features are becoming increasingly important to guests. In fact, Airbnb reported that searches for locations with an EV charger doubled last year.

As a business, we too feel passionately about encouraging sustainable travel wherever possible. That’s why we’ve partnered exclusively with Go Zero Charge, an innovative EV charger company – to offer a new profit-driving solution for holiday homeowners. Scroll to the bottom to learn more about the £150 discount and how to claim it.

Who are Go Zero Charge?

As the fastest-growing segment in the new and used car markets, EVs signify a surge of potential. However, the rise of EVs also brings a unique challenge for hospitality providers. 

This is where Go Zero Charge comes in…

Their state-of-the-art Go Zero Charge Charger allows holiday homeowners to add a valuable service for their guests all year round – convenient EV charging – while ensuring they compensate you for their usage. Through their user-friendly app, you can remotely set a tariff per kilowatt-hour, ensuring your guests pay for exactly what they use. 

Key Highlights:

Attract More Bookings

This segment of travellers is only growing – the high-income, environmentally conscious electric vehicle owners.

However just 6,000 UK Airbnb properties are currently equipped with EV chargers, so there’s a golden opportunity to stand out in the market by catering to these clients. Currently, around 90%** look for sustainable options when travelling.

Create a New Sustainable Source of Income

In most cases, owners currently have no way of charging guests for their usage and instead have to factor these costs into their nightly rate or take the financial burden on themselves.

Whether you already offer EV charging facilities or want to add one to your home, Go Zero’s charger allows you to take control. You can set your pricing comfortably above your electricity cost, providing a rapid return on your investment and opening a new revenue stream. 

Other properties that Go Zero Charge works with are generating substantial extra supplementary profit*:

We’ve worked with GoZero Charge to offer Guesthoo owners an exclusive discount on their EV chargers. Rather than receiving a referral fee, we opted for a larger discount for you, amounting to £150 off the full price:

Please get in touch with your Owner Liaison to get your exclusive discount code or to learn more. Alternatively, enquire directly with Go Zero Charge:

*These figures are for illustrative purposes only but are based on a current customer. Based on a £0.30 profit margin and 25% utilisation rate. Utilisation may vary.


***OK2Charge survey, EV chargers have the potential to boost your property’s average daily rate (ADR) by 12%