Add hosts to an Airbnb listing with new additional hosts feature!

Tired of being the sole manager of your Airbnb listing?

Earlier this year Airbnb tested a new feature allowing some hosts to add an additional host account to their listing. It basically allowed hosts to spread the work load over more than one account, without giving access to your personal details. Unsurprisingly, the feature was met with a warm welcome and has recently been made available on all listings. Read on to find out how to activate this feature, what permissions Airbnb additional hosts have and how it could benefit you!

How do you activate the feature?

Head to the ‘Manage Listing’ page and click the listing you want to add a host to. Click the navigation bar in the top left. You will see a ‘Management’ sub heading, under this click ‘Additional hosts’.

How to find airbnb additional hosts feature

You will then arrive at the following page. Here you can enter the email address of the host account you wish to add to help manage your listing.

How to invite Airbnb additional hosts

After you invite someone, they will receive and email request and will have 7 days to accept. Its as easy as that!

What permissions do Airbnb additional hosts have?

Some of you might be concerned that adding an additional host could compromise your account security. However, additional hosts do not have access to your payout information or personal details.

The hosts you add to your listing WILL be able to:

Basically your listing will appear in their account and they will be able to manage it as if it were one of their own. Furthermore, you can also track the activity of your additional host/s on the management tab. If you want to remove a host, click the drop down menu next to that host and select ‘remove’.

How could this benefit you?

Firstly, it makes life way easier by allowing you to add friends and family to help you host. Moreover, it allows us to provide optimisation and management services more seamlessly than ever. All you need to do is add us to your listing and we can optimise it from our own account! Additionally, if you are going on holiday or just fancy a break, we can provide a flexible management package until you are ready to take back control. Drop us an email to get started.

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