Why We Started Our Cornwall & Devon Airbnb Management Service

When we first bought our chapel in Gorran High Lanes, South Cornwall back in 1991, it was completely derelict. The roof was caving in and it needed a great deal of work to make it liveable! So we worked tirelessly to fully renovate it, but left in many of the original features giving it a unique and quirky charm.

Despite this, for 25 years we wondered why our beautiful chapel conversion never turned into a profitable rental business. Over the years went through countless rental agencies, but only ever had a handful of summer school holiday bookings. Even more frustrating was that holiday parks in the local area charging £800+/week for a caravan had bookings over the entire summer!

At the time we were paying more than £2500/year in council tax and struggling to justify keeping our property. However, what happened next completely changed our outlook.

Why we started our Cornwall & Devon Airbnb management company

I was looking for accommodation for a holiday in Europe when a friend suggested I looked on Airbnb. This was a few years before Airbnb really took off and I had never heard of it.

However, I was blown away by the incredible variety of properties available at far more reasonable rates than the hotels on offer. We had a fantastic first experience, and when I got home I began looking into becoming an Airbnb host.

But Renting My Property on Airbnb is too Risky?

At first, we had reservations about using the service as we were concerned about undesirable guests who might damage our property – we’ve all heard the horror stories. However, after the first couple of bookings we realised this wasn’t going to be a problem. Our trips were completely seamless and the guests were lovely. We soon realised there was nothing to worry about.

Since all guests are reviewed on Airbnb, as well as hosts, they have a vested interest to treat properties with respect. Furthermore, as a host you are in complete control over the type of guests that stay. For example, if a group of ten 18 year old’s wanted to stay, as a host you could easily decline the reservation request. Or if you did not want to accept dogs or young children, you could edit your settings so you did not appear in the search results for guests with these requirements.

Additionally, as an extra security precaution you can require all guests to verify their account with a form of government ID. This stops guests making throwaway accounts, where they mistreat a property and simply create a new account to evade the bad review, as it is linked to their government ID and they can only make one account! No other rental platform or estate agent offers this level of safety and control.

Airbnb ID verifcations make Airbnb management in Cornwall and Devon even safer

150 Million Users All Over the World

We joined Airbnb as a host in December 2016 and took our first booking over Christmas. We then experienced bookings throughout winter and were fully booked right through the summer – not just the holidays! Our annual revenues have increased by more than 200% since using Airbnb, we can’t believe it. We have now become a ‘Superhost‘ and have several hundred 5 star reviews.

Airbnb has a global market of 150 million users and counting, so there is always somebody in the world who wants to stay – even in the off-season. Conventional rental agencies, who often charge 20-40%, don’t even come close to getting the level of bookings you can get through Airbnb. I would recommend the service to anyone with a property that suffers from seasonality, such as in Cornwall or Devon.

Don’t have the time or technical know-how? Try Our Cornwall & Devon Airbnb Management Service

On our way to becoming a Superhost we learnt a thing or two about how to run a successful Airbnb listing. From writing a compelling description, to ranking higher in Airbnb search results, to setting the right price. It all takes time and research to determine the most effective strategies. But we’ve already done the hard work!

Not everyone has the technical know-how or the time to run a successful Airbnb listing. At Guesthoo, we specialise in Cornwall & Devon Airbnb management services for new and existing listings. Whether you already use Airbnb, want to use it but don’t have the time, or have never heard of it, we are confident we can increase your rental income.

Furthermore, we do not charge any admin fees, setup fees or any other hidden costs for that matter. To find out more, book a no obligation consultation with one of our advisors.


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