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Tired of paying extortionate fees for a handful of summer bookings? Get bookings all year round with Cornwall & Devon Airbnb management.

No setup or admin fees, just 15% commission. Simple.

Why Choose Us?

A modern property management company in Cornwall & Devon, Guesthoo specialises in listing properties on Airbnb and other online rental platforms. 

The World’s Largest Booking Platform

Airbnb has a global network of 150 million users and counting. No other platform compares to this booking potential. Through our management service, your property will gain access to this massive market of guests.

Superhost Benefits

Our management expertise has earned us Superhost status on Airbnb, with benefits including priority support, special features in marketing emails and priority placement in search results. On average Superhost’s earn 22% more than standard hosts, which means higher rental income for you!

Expert Marketing

Our team of marketing professionals know what it takes to run a successful Airbnb listing. From writing compelling copy, to ensuring property photos are professional and optimally arranged, to researching Airbnb SEO to help our listings perform better in Airbnb search results.

Copywriting improvements

Free Insurance Policy

All Airbnb hosts are entitled to the Host Protection Guarantee, which insures against damages up to £600,000. On the rare occasion a property becomes damaged, our Superhost status gives us priority support from Airbnb, resulting in a swift resolution and prompt payout.

Dynamic Pricing Airbnb

Complete Flexibility

Above all else, we always recognise it is your property and we will never enforce minimum rentals or lay claim to holiday periods. Rent as little or as much as you like. Blocking out dates is as easy as sending a text or an email, or logging into the Owners Portal and blocking out dates yourself!

Safer Than Alternatives

Unlike conventional rental agencies, every guest is reviewed so has an incentive to treat the property with respect. The review system also allows us to vet each booking and reject guests with a negative history. Additionally, we require all guests to verify their account with a form of government ID as an extra security measure.

Cheaper, Safer, More Bookings.

Simply put, our Devon & Cornwall Airbnb management service will get you more bookings, from better quality guests, at a lower commission than most conventional rental agencies. It’s time your property realised it’s full potential. Find out more below.

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“I’ve used countless rental agencies and only ever had a handful of summer bookings at our property near Mevagissey, Cornwall. Guesthoo’s Cornwall Airbnb management service increased our annual revenues by more than 3 times and we now have bookings all year round! I can’t believe it!” Andrew, Mevagissey, Cornwall.

Already have an Airbnb listing that is performing poorly?

Our management service includes a troubleshoot for your listing to increase listing views, bookings and enquiries.

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